Anonymous asked: I think you have left GW2, or at least partially left it. I am so damn happy. 

Your welcome ;)

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Anonymous asked: That was a dirty comment about women, anon. The saddest thing of them all, though? He was right. Well, not for everybody on this game. But the majority of them, for sure. And that's sad. Maybe, instead of giving the attention he desperately wanted from making a post like that, we can look at ourselves, and improve ourselves as human beings. Look past the physical attractiveness, and love the player for who they are without those biases blinding us. 

Where have you been looking? Honestly I’ve seen plenty of attractive people on gw2 especially ones still active like lux larkspur or lilah shay? My friend poet. I’ve seen tons of Hot chics pics aaand dudes on here but lets face it if ur creepy and looking for somebody to get off on oocly then ur rping for the wrong reasons. Doubt they would ever go for anon anyday. I know I wouldn’t whether u consider me “ugly” or nah.

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Anonymous asked: You women need to start making your characters look like yourselves IRL. I'm tired of having this expectation of a hot woman behind the screen. Kills my mood and my RP. If you have an ugly looking character, then I won't have to deal with getting a disappointing pic from you. We all win in the end. 

So you’re saying you’re character should have been made a goblin. Gotcha.

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Anonymous asked: I would like to see: a wedding officiated by a priest of Balthazar that features a staged swordfight/duel between the couple getting married. 

Can I have this be in blavies wedding pretty please!?

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hrolfrson asked: Vivian, just.. how are you doing Love? I do apologize that I have been unavailable, newly wed and all that. Baby on the way.. responsibilities taking away my social life. What is a fop to do, right? So yes.. How ARE you doing? 




My goodness, Blake, my. Goodness. You managed to plant a seed to grow a tiny little flower of your own! Congratulations on your up and coming child and on your marriage and I hope Yavela is well. Please send her my best. I do miss having my Lawyer around.

How am I doing indeed? The rumor is that if you stroll around Ossan, you’d hear the screams of how I’m doing in the form of the word Titus, punctuated, all capital letters, and underlined. 

I am happy.


Also. I took a turn for the delightfully gauche and denounced my nobility. It seems the only fashionable thing to do, don’t you think?

How are YOU doing, my dear? I so miss your company.

My perfectly divine lady,

OH.. How scandalous, Dahrling!  So gauche indeed, but you always are one to stir up the socialites.  Cause a stir, make the tea room twitter.  We share that bill to many extents, my dear, and it a reason I continue to consider you a friend.  After all, what is more scandalous than a Married Fop continuing his associations with such delightful people?

As to my happiness, I seem to have found someone who grounds me.  Makes me consider the future, actually manages to convince me to wear something other then lace and silk.  Not often mind you, my skin is certainly not up to the task of cotton, so rough.  She manages to have me not think about what is under the décolletage of the ladies who deserve a good defrocking and frolic.  La.. I am happy.  Blissfully happy. 

Yavella seems to also be happy, we should have you out for dinner some night.  She convinced me to buy a Townhome in Ebonhawk, so she could be near family as she moved further in her pregnancy.  Fortunately, homes are at a premium there, so it wasn’t that costly.

I am also learning to make wine.  I find it is a job I can do that doesn’t bore me to tears.  Perhaps someday you will see a Henries label available for you to try, time will tell,  time will tell.



My dear friend,

I would be happy to come to visit in Ebonhawke and please let me know if Yavela will need any Midwifery services. I have recently discovered that I am also expecting, so maybe if not my professional services, I can at least provide a kindred spirit who has not only gone through the pains of it all before, but is going through it side by side.

As far as cotton is concerned, have you not looked into the higher thread counts? You’d mistake them for satin or even silk, I kid you not. I will bring you some textiles when I visit.

My favorite thing about you, Blake, is how despite time apart, we seem to really enjoy one another’s company. You have always been a formidable ally. However, I have a new favorite thing about you. More so than your loyalty. You make wine.

So forget the rest. How do I become a taster and investor in your vineyard.

Kind regards,

Vivian Mara-Tarquinus

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Anonymous asked: I had to take a break from gw2 for real life and i think in that time the few people who ever thought about me forgot me. 



I feel you.

(Nope, I know for a fact you aren’t forgotten! Vivian and Blake have been having tumblr exchanges and Yavela is mentioned, and I personally (Renita less so because she’s…scared of a lot including meeting Taiel’s family) am excited to meet Yavela and watch that interaction between her and Renita. So no, you are not forgotten. Might be remembered by the person you don’t expect but…not forgotten.)

how have I missed these tumblr exchanges?
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Anonymous asked: I had to take a break from gw2 for real life and i think in that time the few people who ever thought about me forgot me. 

I feel you.

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Anonymous asked: To those of you who post things in pretty much any color besides the default for the medium: Unless you're using it for emphasis in select parts of your post, please stop. It makes you appear as quite the buffoon. 



Seriously grow up it’s not a big deal. Some of us just like color.

You’re right. It’s not that big of a deal. I just won’t read any of your posts because they hurt my eyes.

Exactly. If somebody has a problem just skip over it. Geez

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